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About Us


The West Valley Chess Club has been in existence for over fifty years. It was not always as organized as it is today. Years ago the club met at various places that were kind enough to lend an empty room for chess games. For the last ten years home was the West Valley Jewish Center (the JCC). The JCC is now being renovated. We were fortunate enough to find a new location not far from the previous location that has beautiful, clean, rooms, (one room for the tournaments where even whispering is not permitted, and a separate room for blitz and after the game conversations where you can talk freely).

Our goal is simple – to promote chess. Everyone in the club is motivated to improving their chess skills and enjoying regular Thursday night games with a time control of one hour and forty minutes per side. Club members are young and old. In chess age not a factor. Some of our younger members have recently achieved ratings well above 2000.

The members of the club welcome new members. We are fortunate enough to have, at any given tournament, forty members participating. Tournaments are occasionally split into upper and lower divisions resulting in matches that are closer to your skill level.

(see "Tournaments” for the last 140 rated tournaments posted on the USCF site)

The tournaments are held on every Thursday. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the clocks start promptly at 7:00 p.m. The tournaments have one game per night for six weeks. Then a new tournament starts. The first day of the new tournament is the day anyone can enter. It is also possible to enter on the second week of the tournament but after that you must wait until a new tournament starts. (See the "Calendar" for the schedule.)

You can come any Thursday night and play unrated blitz and pickup games for free – all are welcome. For the USCF rated games you must be a member of the USCF (you can join the United States Chess Federation at our club) and also be a member of the West Valley Chess Club ($20 for a year membership, $10 for children). Each six week tournament is $25. We wish we could offer all this for free but we rent the room (which has great air conditioning), we post the rated games to the official USCF site (there is a fee to the USCF), and there is fresh coffee provided.

The new location is perfect and there is plenty of parking.

(see “Directions” for the address and links to google maps to our location)

We hope to see you there. For any questions please contact our tournament director Jerry Yee.

(see "Contact Us")

About Us


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